Media Update! posted on 12-06-2008
Firearms fans, in this weeks update we have some more detailed screen shots of ps_river and our newly completed sub machine gun the IMI Uzi. I have to say over the last week for the FA2 team Flakk and Smilie have stepped up production big time! If you see them on the forums or in game, give them a big thank you; their hard work brings us even closer to a public playable beta of Firearms 2!

I also want to mention the hard work that Mazor and MABManz have been putting into the animation and compiling of our new player models. With the completion of such a enormously integral part of FA2 looming over the horizon, it won't be long before we're requesting a new group of testers in preparation for releasing a beta of FA2 to the public. If you're interested in testing pm an application to me on moddb, the FA2 Forums or email me at Don't forget to join our steam group as well! Join the Firearms 2 Steam Group!
Media Update! posted on 11-26-2008
Here are the first public screen shots of our new player models and our newest map being recreated by smilie, ps_river! The FA2 team is in high gear, we are so close to having our new player models in game and working. Once they are, we will post an in depth explanation of how we implemented and created them for the source engine. Come by and visit the FA2 Forums for more updates and FA2 related discussion! Don't forget to join our steam group as well! Join the Firearms 2 Steam Group!
Media Update! posted on 11-18-2008
It was brought to my attention that FA2 had not updated in a while... Below are some in game screen shots of tc_iwojima, ps_marie and sdtc_durandal. I should also mention that durandal has not been shown publicly yet by FA2, a video of in game action on durandal and ps_river will be coming soon. Don't forget to join our steam group as well! Join the Firearms 2 Steam Group! We also wanted to mention, that FA2 is looking for texture artists. If you're interested in becoming part of the FA2 team, or contributing to the mod just pm me via the FA2 forums or email me at

FA 3.0 Server Fix! posted on 10-24-2008

HLDS Half-Life Dedicated Server Fix.

Please visit the Firearms 2 forumshere for a comprehensive Half-Life Dedicated Server work around for Firearms. This explains how to get your Half-life based mod to work with the latest steam update, if you have any questions please email me at I would also like to thank Mazor for his help in finding a solution to this issue.

Media Update! posted on 06-18-2008

Firearms 2 in Motion!

Firearms 2 Mod for Half-Life 2 Videos & Audio - Mod DB

It has been a while, so we figured that a video update was necessary. It's getting harder to work on FA2 because it always degenerates into playing the game... but we are working diligently to turn the hypothetical into a reality. Below are some alternate links, in case the video is loading too slow. As always, we ask that you browse the forums and join us on mirc at #firearms2 on gamesurge. - FA2 Streaming Video
/> -
FA2 Streaming Video
Media Update! posted on 03-31-2008
We have been busy finishing FA2 for all of you and thought that it would be a good idea to share what we've been working on. Over the last couple of months, we have upgraded FA2 to the orange box sdk and completed several new weapon models. Recently we added a few new team members to the FA2 ranks, MisterD, Reason and CommanderMAB. I personally would also like to thank everyone involved with the new FAL league, being able to play with you all has been a lot of fun. If you wish to sign up, just visit the forums and visit the league sign up thread. Don't forget to join us in #firearms2 on gamesurge and to stop by the forums.

Media Update! posted on 01-18-2008
It's that time again, to kick off the new year we'd like to show off some recent fully completed additions to FA2, the M14, Benelli Nova, MK23 pistol, M60, CLAYMORE, and MP5A4. There are also some additional screenshots in the "News and Updates" forum. Also worth mentioning we're looking to bring in some new testers, check out the thread under the "News and Updates" section for further details. Join #firearms2 on gamesurge to show your support!

Media Update! posted on 10-23-2007

Firearms 2 in action!

Firearms 2 Mod for Half-Life 2 Firearms 2 Trailer video - Mod DB

I would like to thank our dedicated team and testers for helping to compile hours of footage to make this video. Thanks also goes out to Andrew "Delta" Ironside for doing some excellent video editing and for helping get the divx video player working with our main page. Below are some alternate links, in case the video is loading too slow and there is also a high resolution version of the video for you to enjoy. As always, we ask that you browse the forums and join us on mirc at #firearms2 on gamesurge. - FA2 Streaming Video Teaser
/> -
FA2 Video Teaser Download -
FA2 High Resolution Video Teaser Download
Media Update! posted on 09-14-2007
Here are a few in game goodies to check out Firearms fans! Head on over to the News and updates forum for some testing screenshots as well. Join #firearms2 on gamesurge to show your support!

Media Update! posted on 08-27-2007
Today's update includes the SVD Dragunov render and in game screenshots of the SVD and the Glock 20. The FA2 team is looking for texture artists to join their ranks, send applications to Jonneh via pm onthe forums. Please join #firearms2 on gamesurge to show your support.

Media Update! posted on 08-13-2007
Attention Firearms fans, join our new ---> FA2 Steam Community Group!!! Also here are some in game screenshots for your enjoyment. I also want to clarify things for testing applicants, please submit your application to Jonneh via pm on the forums. Applications must include contact information (email, msn, icq, ircnicks, aim etc) and a brief explanation as to why you feel you would be an asset to the FA2 testing team.

Media Update! posted on 07-24-2007
Hey guys, just a few goodies to show in today's update. We would also like to make clear what is needed to apply as a tester for FA2, please pm Jonneh on the forums with contact information (an email, msn, or aim addy will do) and there's always #firearms2 on irc @ Gamesurge.

Media Update! posted on 07-17-2007
This update will feature some in game screenshots and we would also like to announce that testing will begin within a month or so. Currently the FA2 team is looking to recruit mappers and testers, if you're interested pm Jonneh on the forums or on irc @ #Firearms2 on Gamesurge.

The Death of a Firearms Legend
FA Players,

Brandon Lunsford, AKA: Fastkill911 died in a drowning this past Monday the 18th, 2007. FK, as many of us knew him by was a legendary FA player. He dominated every server he entered and was the leader of one of the best FA clans to ever compete. FK was the leader of the elite clan $aC, Solders at Combat. FK lead $aC to win the STA seasons 1, 2, 3, and CAL season 4 Championships. No matter what clan he played for he made the deciding factor in the match. He was a great player and most of all a very classy guy. We will miss him, and please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. The FA2 team would like to host some of Fastkill911's Firearms movies as a monument for his positive impact on the FA community.

Here's more on the story:

Media Update! posted on 05-30-2007
It has been a while since we have updated, so without further delay here you go! We are updating with nine of the weapon models and three maps. As always we are hard at work towards our first beta. A special thanks goes out to [Rapid-Fire] for all of the tea, crumpets and map textures he provided to our mappers. FA2 is currently looking for texture artists and mappers, if you are interested pm Jonneh on the forums. Don't forget to come by and idle in our irc channel at #firearms2 on gamesurge.

Media Update posted on 02-13-2007
First I would like to give a warm welcome to some new team members Flakk(animation), Cat(animation), JaredRumbold(coding), ELEMENT(3-D Modeling,) and Gipper(sounds). Without further delay, here are some animations that Flakk has slaved over. Keep in mind that they're wips, because Flakk is forever the perfectionist and he'll probably redo them eventually. The Firearms 2 team is currently looking to fill the following positions, mapping and 3-D modeling/compiling. If you're interested, please email or pm Jonneh on the forums.

Major Update!! posted on 11-21-2006
Welcome to the new FA2 website and forums. We revamped things with a new style to celebrate the release of our player models, the Ak47 assault rifle and the M60 machine gun. Check out the fantastic skinning, done by Solution and Woody. As always we are on the lookout for talented people to join the FA2 team. Currently, positions for mapping, and animating are open. If you're interested, please email or pm Jonneh on the forums.